Alternative Dispute Resolution

*M.A came to FIDA-Kenya one evening accompanied by her father who asked to see the manager. During the first session of therapy, *M.A revealed that she got pregnant while still at her parents’ home and two years after giving birth, the boyfriend ‘stole’ the child, took her to a different location, and switched off his phone.
The counsellor was also able to identify that there was a strain in the father-daughter relationship that was caused by *M.A’s emotional state. In the second session of counselling *M.A struggled, and stammered to get through sessions without crying. She expressed having difficulty in dealing with losing her child, and her ice-cream business, which is what she had needed to get the income to support her child.
After several counselling sessions, she was able to open up more, and the counsellor invited her to join others in group therapy. She was able to listen to other clients narrating their stories during individual sharing. She has learnt a lot on self-awareness, and conflict management.
With the emotional support received from counselling and group therapy, her mood, and confidence improved she is now more solution-focused and has secured a job as she pursues the court process.