Vision Statement

A society that respects and upholds women’s rights.

Mission Statement

The promotion of women’s individual and collective power to reclaim their rights in all spheres of life.

Strategic Objectives

We have identified six key pillars upon which we shall implement our Strategic Plan; we have framed them as strategic objectives.These six pillars feature in our four programmatic interventions for the plan. The Strategic Objectives for this plan shall be:

  1. To promote access to justice through provision of legal aid services to women.
  2. To be the premier organization in research and documentation on women’s legal issues to guide public and private sector operations.
  3. To consolidate the gains for women in the Constitution and secure effective implementation of all gender responsive laws.
  4. To nurture strategic alliances with like-minded organizations and individuals in order to harness the collective power of women to achieve social justice.
  5. To proactively influence institutional structures to recognize, comply and be responsive to women’s rights at county, national, continental and international levels.
  6. To strengthen the capacity and visibility of the organization to secure sustainability.

Core Values

At FIDA Kenya we are conscious that in order to realize our Vision and Mission certain core values are central to guide our work as they set our institutional norms and guide our interventions in all our work.

  1. Women centered: At FIDA Kenya, we work towards securing gender equality and thus prescribe to the principles of gender mainstreaming; we shall do this in a manner that expands rights and freedoms for women. In our gender equality work, FIDA-Kenya places the rights and interests of women first.
  2. Professional rigor: At FIDA Kenya we aspire to offer our services in a professional and competent manner. We also consider client confidentiality, adherence to ethical standards, integrity and excellence as core components of our work. For us, professional rigor embraces key principles around internal governance, accountability mechanisms standards, rules and procedures that guide the management of the institution and thus we have prioritized this in the first phase of implementing this plan.
  3. Transparency and Accountability: FIDA Kenya shall work to maintain transparency and accountability in its operations including the provision of timely, quality, and accurate information. As we embark on institution building we are committed to developing strong structures and to ensuring that the management of our association at all levels is done professionally with high levels of probity.
  4. Learning and promoting a culture of inquiry – We are committed to institutionalize a culture of inquiry, mutual respect and constructive debate that leads to sound and shared decision making. We constantly seek more information, question assumptions and challenge conclusions to be able to advocate for solutions based analysis.
  5. Respect for diversity: At FIDA Kenya we are sensitive and respectful to all people and thus our respect for diversity includes: community; cultural; political; sexual; religious; class and privilege; nationality; gender; race; age and styles of leadership
  6. Teamwork and collective good: FIDA Kenya shall capitalize on its collective strength, complementarities, share successes and collectively address challenges

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