It’s with deep sorrow and dismay that FIDA Kenya has learned of the heinous acts meted upon a 27-year-old woman by her husband citing childlessness in marriage. According to the media reports, the woman was allegedly attacked with a panga by her husband who they are said to have separated for about three months. The husband chopped off both her hands and further inflicted more injuries on her head and neck.

Considering the acts of Violence as described by the woman, evidence by the descriptive photo shots, it is quite clear that this man has no respect for human dignity and should immediately be investigated and prosecuted.

Further, FIDA Kenya is angered by the escalating cases of violence against women in the country. FIDA Kenya notes with a lot of sadness that cases of domestic violence are on the rise and nothing has been done about it.

As an organization that envisions a just society that is free from all forms of violence and discriminations against women, we call upon the office of the Inspector General to immediately charge and prosecute the man with attempted murder.

We further call upon the Inspector General to ensure that the escalating cases of violence are immediately dealt with and that all culprits are brought to book.

FIDA Kenya reiterates that violence against women is unacceptable and must not be condoned in the society.


FIDA Kenya elected its new Governing council yesterday chaired by Mrs Josephine Wambua- Mong`are. Whilst this new team congratulates the president for his State of Nation address that enumerated the achievements and the challenges of the Jubilee Government for the last 3 years, The Council is concerned that the president did not highlight the steps that the Jubilee Government has taken to ensure that the country realizes the 2/3rds Gender Principle.

FIDA Kenya hoped that the president would highlight the measures his Government has put in place in line with the spirit of the constitution and the Jubilee Government manifesto to ensure that the country realizes this important milestone.

FIDA Kenya appeals to the president to rally the members of parliament to objectively consider and pass the Constitution of Kenya Amendment Bill no.4 of 2015 currently before parliament.

The elected FIDA Kenya Governing council members are;

Josephine Wambua-Mongàre – Chairperson
Grace C. Nyongesa – Vice Chairperson
Faith Mony Adhiambo – Secretary
Nancy Kang`ethe Ikinu- Treasurer
Roselyne Odede- Upcountry Representative(Western)
Jacqueline Waihenya- Upcountry Representative(Coast)
Betty Achieng- Council Member
Lily K. Musinga- Council Member
Edna Bosibori- Council Member
FIDA Kenya is confident that these great women will steer the organisation to greater heights and promote the agenda of women rights in Kenya.

With thanks – Christine Ochieng

FIDA Kenya Executive Director

For further information please reach:


Call: Tel: 254 202 2604043/4 Mobile: 254-722509760/ 254710607241


The Federation of Women Lawyers – Kenya (FIDA-Kenya), is a non-profit, membership organisation consisting of over 1,100 women lawyers committed to increasing women’s access to justice in both formal and informal justice systems in Kenya. FIDA Kenya was established in 1985 after the 3rd UN Conference on Women. The organisation’s vision is to have a society that respects and upholds women’s rights and the mission is to promote women’s individual and collective power to claim their rights in all sphere of life.

FIDA Kenya has been following with keen with interest the past interviews of the CJ position by JSC in which the Hon. Justice David Maraga, a person of male gender was selected as well as the ongoing interviews for the position of the DCJ and Supreme Court Judge. Yesterday we witnessed the Hon. Justice Pauline Nyamweya withdraw her candidature for the DCJ position citing her ethnic and regional balance consideration in light of the fact that she hails from the same ethnic community as the CJ nominee Hon. Justice Maraga. FIDA KENYA wishes to commend the HON. Justice Nyamweya for her selfless and patriotic act, despite the fact that she was also very qualified for the position she had been shortlisted for.

FIDA Kenya wishes to take this opportunity to point out to the JSC of the need to meet and comply with constitutional requirement of ensuring that the composition of the Apex Court meets the 2/3 gender principle as expected for all appointive positions. It is the FIDA KENYA position that currently as constituted in the Supreme Court as currently constituted is not compliant with the 2/3rds gender principle. FIDA KENYA urges the JSC to correct this anomaly during the ongoing recruitment process.