FIDA Kenya is deeply saddened and strongly condemns the ongoing violence in various parts of the country arising from the announcement of the 2017 presidential results. Whereas there is a lot to celebrate especially the success of women in the electoral process, it is unfortunate that women and children are once again bearing the brunt of post-election violence.

We join the various human rights institutions that have condemned the violence, most specifically where women and children have been reported dead and/or injured. Women diligently played key roles during the just ended elections; as candidates, voters, security officers, members of the various political parties, IEBC officials, agents and observers. It is disheartening to see them exposed to violence and more so threats of a replica of violence experienced in the 2007/2008 post lection violence. It is common knowledge that in any form of violence in a society, women and children bear the greatest brunt.

As a human rights organization, FIDA Kenya calls upon the Inspector General of Police and Cabinet Secretary in charge of internal security to protect Kenyans from harm and death. This protection should be within the ambit of the law. FIDA Kenya emphasis that as public officers they will be held personally liable for the wanton deaths and suffering of the masses of Kenyans. Kenyans peacefully exercised their Constitutional and democratic right to vote and both “winners” and “Losers” have an equal right to be protected to celebrate and/or peaceful express their dissatisfaction. Women and children need this protection at most.

FIDA Kenya calls upon Kenyans to report any incidences of violence targeted against women and children to FIDA Kenya SMS hotline SEMA USIKIKE number 21661 for FIDA Kenya action and onward forwarding to the relevant government authorities.

We call upon Kenyans to embrace peace even amidst the call for accountability and justice.

For more information please call 0722509760 or send an email to info@fidakenya.org.

Signed by

Josephine Wambua Mongare

FIDA Kenya Chairperson



FIDA Kenya has today filed a suit in the Employment and Labour Relations Court under a Certificate of Urgency against the Nurses, COG, Ministry of Health and the Attorney General for the ongoing nurses’ strike that continues to cause suffering and several deaths in the country.

FIDA Kenya takes specific issue with how the respondents have allowed the strike to prolong with no hope of calling it off. It is worse that leaders have taken more interest in the elections campaigns than resolving this public pandemic. The Government of Kenya owes it to its citizens to strike a balance between protecting their fundamental right to life while upholding the freedom of workers to go on strikes.

FIDA Kenya pleads with the court to take note that most of the users of the public health institutions are poor citizens who cannot afford to access services in private health sector causing them immense suffering, indignity and loss of life in some cases. That the strike further erodes the gains made by the free maternal health policy.

In summary FIDA Kenya seeks the following orders;

  • A declaration that nurses and Doctors have a right to strike however this right should not supersede the right to life as is sacred
  • There is need for the government to safeguard against suffering and death during strikes and lockouts by medical sectors employees.
  • That all the trade unions in the health sector must put in measures for continued provision of medical services by a percentage of its membership before issuance of a strike notice and/or proceeding to strike.
  • An order compelling parties to complete and sign the Collective Bargaining Agreement for nurses and have it filed in court within 7 days of the order.
  • An order directing the Attorney General to draft a legislation to address strikes in essential services, especially the health sector in order to ensure that the sector is not crippled by strikes in the future. The bill should be tabled in Parliament within 90 days of the order


Signed by

Josephine Wambua Mongare

FIDA Kenya Chairperson



For further information please reach:

Email: info@fidakenya.org

Call: Jane Njeri –Public Relations Officer 0722 509760 or 0733 845003



FIDA Kenya is saddened and alarmed by media reports of heinous gang rapes against girls in Dandora Estate by numerous gangs of young boys. According to a clip highlighted by Citizen TV on 30th June 2013 it was reported that the perpetrators are confident and shameless in executing these crimes and that they even attack victims in broad daylight, in the full view of the public.

FIDA Kenya is concerned that the Police have not responded to the said incidences and that if the law enforcement agencies and the Government does not speedily take charge and prosecute the perpetrators then the same might escalate and spread to other areas in the country. Such incidences, where not correctly dealt with by law enforcement agencies, create a precedent of impunity in the country.

The President has a moral and legal obligation to the citizens of Kenya under Article 131(2)(e) of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 to ensure the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms and the rule of law. Kenyans however, have continuously witnessed the breakdown of the rule of law and violations of their human rights and fundamental freedoms through the inability of law enforcement agencies granted such responsibilities to carry out their mandates.

FIDA Kenya calls on the Government to:
 Institute an independent public investigations team that will efficiently work towards prosecuting the perpetrators of the heinous crimes in Dandora Estate in Nairobi County.
 Inform the public on what measures it is undertaking to investigate the root causes of the incidences of rapes committed against women and girls witnessed in various parts of

In conclusion we reiterate that the insecurity being witnessed in Dandora is not and should not be
misconstrued as a ordinary crime, but rather a manifestation of decayed governance and justice
system all of which require urgent fixing.

Thank you.

Ruth Aura
Chairperson FIDA Kenya
For further information please reach:
Email: info@fidakenya.org

Call: Jane Njeri – Public Relations Officer 0722 509760 or 0733 845003



FIDA Kenya celebrates the success of  Hon. Wavinya Ndeti whom the court has ruled that she can vie for the post of Machakos governor in the upcoming General Elections. We also celebrate Hon. Susan Kihika who also the court ruled in her favour to vie as the Nakuru County Senator. FIDA Kenya applauds these women for their triumph.


FIDA Kenya notes that such court cases have severally been used to deter and intimidate women striving to participate in politics and eventually bow out of the race. Hon Wavinya Ndeti and Hon. Susan Kihika have braved the process and have come out VICTORS!


FIDA Kenya continues to urge IEBC and all relevant Institutions to treat women candidates with all the fairness they deserve especially during this period that parliament has blatantly refused to pass the 2/3rds Gender Principle. Kenyans are coming to terms with the fact that there is an increased number of women who have braved the campaigns to run for elective seats. This is unprecedented and for sure has caused jitters amongst those who think women cannot be leaders.


Once again, Congratulations to Hon. Wavinya Ndeti and Hon. Susan Kihika.


We call upon Kenyans to “Vote a Dada”


For further information please reach us on: info@fidakenya.org/ janenjeri@fidakenya.org or Call: 254-722509760/ 254710607241


Signed by;


Mrs. Josephine Mong`are

Chairperson, FIDA Kenya


FIDA Kenya wishes to congratulate all women candidates who won party nominations and have been cleared by IEBC to vie for various posts in the upcoming General Elections. We applaud them for their efforts in the campaigns. The choice to vie for a political seat is a particularly difficult decision for a woman and her family. These women are brave and we wish them all the best in their campaigns.

FIDA Kenya is however concerned with the increased rate of violence against female candidates and their supporters. Several cases of violence against women aspirants have been reported countrywide and to the FIDA Kenya offices. We specially wish to reiterate the incidences of;

The death of the bodyguard to aspiring Mbita Member of Parliament Hon. Millie Odhiambo who was run over and killed by an opponent vehicle during the party primaries and the burning of the candidates house. We also took issue with the confinement of Esther Passaris who was locked in a room to prevent her from addressing her supporters. We further took issue with the incident of Eunice Wambui an aspiring Member of Parliament Embakasi South who was attacked by rowdy youths during a campaign at Mukuru Kwa Reuben. The youth committed acts of shame against the aspirant. Another candidate was Sarah Koore who was contesting for Member of Parliament in North Laikipia had parts of her car looted while she was out campaigning. These are just a few incidences of violations that women candidates go through during elections.
FIDA Kenya was alarmed by the lack of swift action by the security agencies in all these incidences. The inaction by the police, IEBC and other concerned authorities increases the intimidation of women candidates and their supporters.

As an organisation that promotes women participation in politics and leadership, we wish to strongly condemn these violent acts and call upon the police to protect the women of Kenya.

Kenyans are coming to terms with the fact that there is an increased number of women who have braved the campaigns to run for elective seats. It is important to note that this year 9 women will be running for gubernatorial positions. We have very high chances of having our first female governors. Similarly, we have women who have come out to defend their Member of Parliament seats and those who have grown from affirmative action seats to elective seats. This is unprecedented and for sure has caused jitters among those who think women cannot be leaders. We cannot afford to let these chances be ruined by electoral violence.

Today FIDA Kenya and her likeminded partners, have launched an SMS hotline dubbed SEMA USKIKE number 21661 which will offer an opportunity to Kenyans to identify and report any form of violence meted against women candidates and their supporters. This platform will work on a real time basis during this electoral period. The Platform can be used by victims and witnesses of election violence.

Sending an SMS is FREE and the platform is very friendly. Using your mobile phone all you need to do is send a brief text to the SMS code 21661 describing the violence witnessed and providing the location of the incidence. FIDA Kenya lawyers will immediately respond to the text and inform the nearest police station for response. The lawyers will further follow up the matter with the victims and where relevant offer legal aid. The public can also call FIDA Kenya on 0722509760 / 0710607241

We wish to inform Kenyans that this platform is complementary to police services. We urge Kenyans not to hesitate to report to the nearest police station any incidences witnessed. The responsibility to ensure that the rule of law is upheld rests squarely with the police. Women voters and the candidates have the right to vote, run for office and be protected from any form of electoral violence.

As a nation we have now arrived at the forked section of the road and tough action must be taken. We must no longer skirt the issue of election violence. FIDA Kenya will continue to follow up with the police, provincial administration, IEBC and other relevant organizations to ensure that justice has been served and ensure that election violence meted against women is STOPPED.

NATIONAL NURSES STRIKE – CBA Blame Games that Kill!!!


NATIONAL NURSES STRIKE – CBA Blame Games that Kill!!!

Kenyans have once again woken up to the horrible news that a section of the health service providers have downed their tools due to a disagreement on Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). It is extremely disheartening to see the nurses` go on strike at a time when the country is yet to heal from the doctors` strike that ended 3 months ago.

FIDA Kenya is disturbed by the inefficient approach with which the Government continues to address the problems in the health sector. Ordinary citizens, who diligently pay taxes, are often left helpless and desperate for health services. Maternal and Child Health Care is the most affected. “No woman should die while giving life”.

FIDA Kenya takes specific issue with the rate at which the health sector collective bargain agreements are losing their value; and increasingly becoming a public gimmick meant to hoodwink Kenyans and/or a ploy to postpone problems. One is left to wonder whether all relevant stakeholders are usually involved and whether the right technical expertise is put in place during CBA negotiations. It is becoming unbearable to be treated to blame games by the different stakeholders. The Government of Kenya owes it to its citizens to put an end to the famous CBAs!! that lead to hundreds of lives being lost.

FIDA Kenya wishes to remind the government that it has a Constitutional responsibility to protect the right to life and provide the highest attainable health care for Kenyans.  We call upon the President and his government to take a decisive action to end the strike and restore the public health care system.

Failure to have an immediate solution to the strike, FIDA Kenya is highly considering mobilising the women of Kenya and taking legal action to protect the women and children of Kenya.


Signed by:

Josephine Mong’are

Chairperson, FIDA Kenya

For further information please reach us:

Email; info@fidakenya.org

Call: 0722509760 or 0710607241



The Federation of Women Lawyers Kenya (FIDA Kenya) is perturbed by the decision made by the National Assembly to reject the nomination of Amb. Monica Juma by the President as the Secretary to the Cabinet

The committee report cited a letter that Amb. Juma wrote to House clerks — complaining about the number of visits and requests MPs made for transfers or employment of State workers — as the main reason for her rejection. FIDA Kenya contends that the reasons given herein are flimsy and do not warrant her denial to serve the people of Kenya as her nomination was informed by the distinction and success she has earned serving the nation as an Ambassador to Ethiopia and, Permanent Representative to the African Union, Defence PS, and in her current position as Interior PS. Kenyans must be reminded that during her tenure in the various offices no complaint was ever raised against her performance and it’s surprising why she should be vindicated now! FIDA Kenya wishes to remind the National Assembly that they are not above the law and as key protectors of law must observe and adhere to the principles of the rule of law.

As an organization we have, and continue to make several appeals to public officials and Kenyans at large to apply fair hearing and trial processes especially of women who have exhibited high competency and have been competitively nominated and/or appointed to office.

FIDA Kenya wishes to remind the National assembly that in executing their mandate, they must not employ any practices that are deliberately targeted at frustrating women leaders and making those who would wish to serve Kenyans shy away from public offices. We wish to remind the National assembly to be objective in their assessment by not sending wrong signals to the public or be seen to intimidate prospective Government employees.

At a time when the country is working on realizing a formula to allow at least 1/3rd of the Country`s leadership to be women; such acts of victimization and intimidation should not be condoned by all Kenyans of good will.

We wish to appeal to the general public to support women leaders.