Application of the Constitutional Right to Non-Discrimination in Private Clubs – 6 February 2013

Notwithstanding the new Constitutional dispensation, FIDA Kenya continues to receive reports of women facing discrimination in all spheres. In the case of women in Limuru
Country Club, not only did they lose their voting rights, member status but also were subjected to suspensions and revocation of handicaps. Such discrimination is unacceptable given that Kenyans voted for a Constitution that binds all persons, public and private entities. The Limuru Country Club is not exempt from this obligation.

FIDA Kenya contends that violations of the Bill of Rights go against the national values of human dignity, equity, social justice, inclusiveness, equality, human rights, nondiscrimination
and protection of the marginalised. FIDA Kenya demands that the Limuru Country Club reinstate women committee members and their right to vote at club elections, revoke any unreasonable  suspensions and loss of handicaps, and cease any other discrimination against women members. We welcome the intervention so far undertaken by Sports Commissioner.

FIDA Kenya contends that any sports club, association or other group which has laws or regulations which discriminate against women should repeal them immediately to
conform to the Constitution of Kenya 2010. We also call upon the registrar of societies to give effect to the Societies Act and cancel or suspend the registration of any society, association or private members clubs whose laws or regulations are repugnant to or inconsistent with the Constitution. 

Thank you.

Ruth Aura
Chairperson FIDA Kenya
For further information please reach:
Tel: 254 202 2604043/4
Mobile: 254-722509760/ 254710607241




The Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA) Kenya is extremely alarmed that the Limuru Country Club has introduced new bylaws that state ‘golf committee is a male only affair...” and strips the membership status of women and therefore their right to vote during club elections. These bylaws are blatant violation of Article 27 of the Constitution on the Bill of Rights which stipulates that women and men have equal rights and no one shall be discriminated directly or indirectly on the basis of their sex among other grounds.