Friends of FIDA

Friends of FIDA as an entity was commissioned in 2003 after a series of successful legal golf tournaments between 1998 and 2002. Since then, it has expanded with a membership over 300 friends. These include corporates, Students, Civil Society Organizations, individuals, politicians, professionals, businessmen and women, lawyers, international organizations e.t.c. Friends of FIDA are largely drawn from local corporations, business and law firms, independent foundations, NGOs and individual well-wishers who are not necessarily lawyers or FIDA Kenya members.


  • This is an initiative that brings together friends, families, children, men and women, who not only love what FIDA does, but would also like to contribute towards the change we make in the lives of women. It was meant to bring on board men and women who wanted to become members of FIDA but were limited by FIDA Constitution that only allows women lawyers practicing in Kenya to register as members.
  • It is a gathering of noble minds seeking to support the fight against all forms of discrimination against women that also seeks to nurture young minds into champions of gender equality.
  • Anyone can become a friend.

Benefits of Enrolment

  • Opportunity to give back to society as part of a vibrant women rights movement in Kenya
  • Networking Opportunities with the FIDA Kenya fraternity during FIDA Kenya annual general meetings, forums, retreats and FIDA Kenya’ s events and activities.
  • Recommendation for high ranking positions in the government and other institutions
  • Consultancy opportunities for FIDA Kenya and partner organizations
  • Friends of FIDA are recognized in every publication that FIDA produces, on our website and we go beyond that to endorse our friends for various job opportunities, tenders e.t.c.

Application Form

Type of Friend Amount in Kenya Shillings Medal
Lifetime Friend 100,000 and above Gold
Sustainer Friend 51,000-100,000 Silver
Committed Friend 10,100-50,000 Copper
True Friend 5,100-10,000 Blue
Supportive Friend 2,100-5,000 Green
Loyal Friend 1,000-2,000 Red
Children KSH 100 Young