GKN versus CNM civil suit
Client came to our offices when she was issued with a notice to vacate her matrimonial home which her husband had sold to another person. The parcel of land was registered in the name of her husband who left the matrimonial home after selling the land to live with his relatives leaving the children and our client to fend for themselves.
FIDA Kenya moved to court under certificate of urgency where we managed to get an order; restraining the respondents or their agents from selling, removing or leasing the parcel of land, our client was allowed to stay in the said property.

HC E&L CC 49/12 – M.N.O.
Client came to us seeking legal assistant when she was served with pleadings for orders to evict her from her matrimonial home. We took up the matter on client’s behalf and represented her in court to defend her from being evicted from her deceased husband’s home. The case was heard on various occasions and on 29th October 2015, the court pronounced its judgment and ordered that our client is lawfully occupying the land and cannot be evicted. The court also ordered that our client is entitled to half of the parcel of land and directed the Plaintiff to surrender the land title deed to the land’s registrar to give room for subdivision of the land to enable our client have her portion.

Our client who is a Teacher sued her spouse who works in Sudan for Maintenance of their two children. We represented the Plaintiff and the Defendant engaged counsel and matter was argued in court to which our client on the 16th November 2015 on the interim obtained orders to the effect that the Defendant do pay for upkeep of the children and further pay school fees for the issues directly to the schools concerned.




Towards promoting Access to Justice through provision of legal aid service to women. Legal Aid clinics are offered within our three office; Nairobi office offers the service on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday while Mombasa and Kisumu office offer the services on Monday and Tuesday. Achievements made during the year were:


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