Women Land and Property Rights

“Whatever decision the council of elders makes is adhered to strictly because there is a belief that if one did not follow their orders, and then they will be cursed. If they choose who will inherit a widow and she refuses, then she is expected to either become mad or stop bearing children.”
Female FGD participant.

“Reporting a case of disinheritance is like jumping from hot soup to the fire. You will be alerting them that there is land they can purchase. So most of the cases end up been frustrated by the village elders or chiefs as they are interested in the property.”
FGD participant – female




“Nilimalizana na msichana wangu wakati nilipewa mahari yake. Vijana ndio wanabaki nyumbani kuchunga mali ya familia. (I was completely done with my daughter once she was married. It is the boys that are left home to take care of family property).”
Male FGD participant.


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