Sexual and Reproductive health rights

A Maasai girl should not get pregnant before she is circumcised. But once one is circumcised, she is given the freedom to engage in sexual activities. This is because men cannot marry an uncircumcised girl so when you conceive after circumcision, then the man responsible can then marry you. Maasai men avoid marrying uncircumcised girls. ”
Female FGD participant.

“……Circumcised women suffer from the formation of the keliod scar, cysts and abscesses. Once their husbands notice that they have some growth in their private parts, they marry another wife. The women are left to suffer since in their culture, one is not allowed to discuss such issues. Most of them never go to the hospitals and if the growths burst and get infected, they can cancerous or otherwise fatal.”
FGD participant – female




“When I was delivering, the nurses poked my child’s head while still in the tummy as a result, my child died. Since then I only go to private hospitals where the services are professional and effective.” FGD participant –female

“The nurses are very unprofessional. One day I went for the pregnancy clinics for a check-up. The nurse found out that I had been circumcised and yelled, calling the rest to come and see. She shouted that I might never deliver normally. I was so annoyed. I yelled back at her and told her that this was my third child, and that I no longer needed the check up.”
FGD participant- female