Marital violence

“Mwanaume wa Kiduruma hawezi tandika kitanda wala kuingia jikoni, hata kama bibi ni mjamzito. Hata ukizaa leo, lazima ulete dadako akupikie. (A Duruma man cannot spread his bed nor cook even if the wife is pregnant. Even if you gave birth today, you would have to call your sister to come cook and take care of you.”
FGD participant – female

“A Maasai man will keep the counts of all the mistakes you do then one day on your way home either from fetching water or firewood, he will wait for you on the way and cane you with the eshivishivi (a willowy cane that does not break easily).”

FGD participant – male

“A lady was beaten by her husband until her uterus came out. When she fled back to her parent’s home they asked her to go back to her husband. …..
FGD participant- female




“A man will work and drink all the income he earns. Then when he comes home, he demands to find meat. If there is none he will hit his wife. If he finds meat, he will eat then hit the wife, demanding to know where the meat came from.”
FGD participant – female


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