Women participation in leadership processes

“If we could have women in positions to handle cases of wife battery, they would understand the plight of the other women. Addressing such issues would be easy.” FGD participant –female, Nyamira.

“Sisi hatuoni hiyo serikali. Iko wapi? Kwa wazee, kwa polisi, kwa chifu, lazima utoe kitu kidogo ndio usaidike.” (We have not seen that government. Where is it? The clan elder; the police, the chief, all require you to pay something for you to receive their services.)
FGD participant –female

“Many women in Narok do not even know that they have a right to keep their own ID cards. Where an ID is required, they have to be accompanied by their husbands, use it and then return it to their husbands.”
FGD participant – female
“Most of the cases that land at the Chief’s office will not easily end up in court as the Chief will try settling the matter out of court so as to save the marriage.”
FGD participant – male




“A woman has to tell a man in the council of elders her issues so that the man can now go and represent her before the rest of the elders. The man in most cases has no interests in the case so he does not care what the outcome will be. Therefore women have no access to justice and in most cases opt to be silent about their problems.”
FGD participant – male