About us

The Federation of Women Lawyers – Kenya (FIDA Kenya) was established in 1985 after the 3rd UN Conference on Women which was held in Nairobi.

FIDA Kenya is a non- profit, non-partisan membership organization committed to the creation of a society that is free from all forms of discrimination against women. This is done through the provision of legal aid to indigent women, engagement on legal, policy and legislative reform, treaty monitoring and research among other programmatic interventions. Membership to FIDA Kenya is open to Kenyan women lawyers and women law students.


A society that respects and upholds women’s rights


The promotion of women’s individual and collective power to claim their rights in all spheres of life


At FIDA Kenya we are conscious that in order to realize our Vision and Mission certain core values are central to guide our work as they set our institutional norms and guide our interventions in all our work. They Include;

  • Women centered

  • Professional rigor

  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Learning and promoting a culture of inquiry

  • Respect for diversity

  • Teamwork and collective good


As the oldest women’s rights organization in Eastern Africa, FIDA Kenya has over the years curved a niche for itself as a fearless defender of women’s rights at the national, regional and international level. Towards achieving its mandate, FIDA Kenya continually seeks to establish and maintain strategic partnerships with several like -minded partners including the Kenyan Government through its ministries and agencies, civil society partners, development partners and institutions of higher learning, among others.

The above is carried out with the explicit intention of sharing best practices, innovations and also exerting policy and practice influence. At the regional and international level, FIDA-Kenya has gained recognition as an actor in women’s empowerment. FIDA Kenya uses its stature at the regional and international level to bring pressure to bear on policy makers in favor of marginalized women.


  1. To promote access to justice through provision of legal aid services to women.

  2. To be the premier organization in research and documentation on women’s legal issues to guide public and private sector operations.

  3. To consolidate the gains for women in the Constitution and secure effective implementation of all gender responsive laws.

  4. To nurture strategic alliances with like-minded organizations and individuals in order to harness the collective power of women to achieve social justice.

  5. To proactively influence institutional structures to recognize, comply and be responsive to women’s rights at county, national, continental and international levels.

  6. To strengthen the capacity and visibility of the organization to secure sustainability


FIDA Kenya`s approach to its work is guided by the following;

  • Partnership and alliance building

  • Gender responsiveness   

  • Movement building

  • Human rights based

  • Emphasis on substantive equality

  • Women as a collective constituency